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Topic: Wheel of Time

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Wheel of Time

Has anyone else read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan & Brendan Sanderson? I started reading it three years before AGoT came out - I was fourteen years old. The fourteenth and final book came out several months ago and the hardcover has been sitting on my shelf waiting until I A) had the time to binge-read and B) Had the guys to say goodbye to characters that I'd known for 20 years.

I had 400/900 oages to go last night and I hit the climax of the entire series and could not stop reading. By the time I finished the last sentence it was 4:00am. It will suffice to say that work today was painful.

Looking to see if there's anyone out there whom I can decompress with.

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I might just start these... I need a new series to read.


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Isn't this the book series made by a slow writing author that died before his work was finished?




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