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Topic: Marvel's Ant-Man

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Marvel's Ant-Man

Extremely disappointing news, I was really looking forward to seeing what Edgar was going to do with the characters and that universe. He's been attached to the movie since 2006 so something significant must of happened recently to force him to leave. Perhaps the success of the MCU movies is starting to go to Feige's head, I mean just look at how he handled the Mandarin in Iron Man 3.

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I had not read any of the Ant-man comics or knew even much of the character, but Wright is one of my favorite directors and his involvement was a great thing.

No idea how his removal occurs, but it does not bode well IMHO.

( The sneak peek at the end of this video made it seem VERY fun....damn. :sad:

Seems Avengers director Joss Whedon was in solidarity with Wright...check out this twitpic.

Very telling....

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